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We're shaping the future of Pharmacy Benefit Management. Our evidence-based clinical approach, powered by innovative breakthroughs, optimizes treatments and slashes costs, while our cutting-edge technology ensures a seamless member experience. Our truly transparent model, WellDyne Clear, provides true costs and full rebate passthrough. WellDyne isn't just setting the bar — we're redefining innovation, care, and transparency in the industry.

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Read our thoughts about moving the PBM industry forward amidst unprecedented change.

Delivering a Better Member Experience

Transparency: Truth Beyond the Buzzword

Many PBMs are claiming transparency with different models, so how do you know if you’re actually getting what they say? Watch WellDyne leaders peel back the layers and reveal what true transparency really means for your plan.

Delivering a Better Member Experience
Delivering a Better Member Experience

Explore how digital tools and technology empower members to participate in their healthcare journey – boosting satisfaction, creating savings, and improving health outcomes.

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Managing a Top Trend Driver with Smarter Prescribing

Discover how combining evidence-based clinical approaches, precision medicine and proactive utilization management is revolutionizing the management of Inflammatory Conditions – a major trend driver.

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Case Study
Case Study
Generating Savings and Impactful Value

See how WellDyne diligently managed utilization plus the specialty and chronic patients driving trend to reduce a client's spend by 30% in the first year.

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How we’re different.

We stand apart through innovative technology, evidence-based clinical programs, and unrivaled transparency,
redefining the landscape of Pharmacy Benefit Management.



Innovation is at our core. We harness evidence-based solutions and precision medicine advancements targeting the highest cost specialty and complex care conditions to optimize outcomes and control costs. Market leading approaches to net cost and utilization management redefine cost-effectiveness in our industry.

overall drug trend for 2022


Members are at the center of every decision we make. Our high-tech, high-touch engagement model, layers intuitive digital tools with effortless access to prescriptions, savings and cost comparison to empower better decisions. Personalized options and predictive support set us apart.

of members switch to lower cost medications


Clarity sets us apart. We reveal true costs, ensure rebate transparency, focus on net cost, and own all assets. Offering a PBM model that is easily understandable and predictable while delivering enhanced value and greater savings. When visibility matters, the choice is clear.

Clarity =
lower cost and greater value
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